Marketing Toolkit for Hi-Tech Sales

Most sales people spend all day dialing for dollars, chasing prospects who are mentally if not physically backing away from them, and they waste most of their time chasing deals instead of closing them. At the same time, most companies spend all kinds of money on advertising and don't get nearly enough bang for their buck.

“Stop chasing Customers!”

Perry Marshall's “Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People” is an information-packed audio CD that discusses 21 principles that you can use to eliminate cold prospecting and wasted advertising dollars in today's fiercely competitive B2B marketplace. You can get your copy at Get Your Free Guerilla Marketing CD This offer is limited to Business-To-Business marketers and sales people, not business-to-consumer.

This is a high end product from Perry Marshall. He has positioned himself as an expert in Guerilla Marketing. Click the link above, when you are dead serious about boosting your sales.

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