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A coach usually will support the client in the process of finding his own solution by guiding and motivating the client. But the coach will not provide the solution itself as a consultant does. Too often the terms coaching and consulting are mistaken.

We provide coaching and consulting for the following areas:

The difference to our consulting services is explained easily.

Focused on helping an individual or an organization to achieve their goals by motivating, teaching, and assisting.
Focused on projects and tasks by simply doing them for you and delivering the results.

We provide coaching via email, telephone, or directly in personal contact depending on your case and available budget. We might also be able to refer you to a coach or consultant in your geographic area.

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Sold out!
All our available resources are
currently booked with various projects till March 2022.
“I absolutely love long term commitments. However, we are spinning ideas about creating different kind of a coaching/consulting program as well as information products to be able to share our experience and knowledge with more people. It seems that we will be building an additional branch of business …”

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