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We consider marketing to be the key factor for economic success of any product and service. This is true even for the new distribution channels using various internet technologies.

“It is not sufficient to be connected, you need to send the right message.”

Marketing is an ongoing complex process that never stops. The “World” is changing continuously, and your products and services will have to change, too. Let's talk about four aspects of marketing, which directly relate to Web Site Businesses.


You need to know about your specific market. Who are your potential customers? Who are your competitors? Where are profitable niches? Find out how you can succeed.


Product Marketing

You need to manage your products and services throughout the product life cycle. What is my ‘unique selling proposition (USP)’? What price should I ask for? What can I do for customer retention? How can I increase my ROI from a marketing perspective?



How can you reach your potential users and future customers? They are already connected, but most likely to other Web Sites. How can you change that? How do you get a steady stream of interested, targeted visitors to your Web site effectively?

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-- John W. Furst,

How can you build lasting relationships and turn visitors into customers, long term customers at its best? Well, you must start to get interested prospects — sales leads — to your Web site, because that is the place where you will pick them up.



Some call copywriting an art, others refer to it as science and they try to scrutinize it with scientific precision. Top copywriters demand a minimum of 4-figure fees and there is a reason for it. The name of the game is persuasion and salesmanship. It is not just about a plain description of features and photos of your product. There is much more. There is some psychology, too.

“A good copywriter knows about the ingredients that must be in a sales message for it to work.”

John Carlton (↑), one of those highly paid copywriters, mentions three underlying principles for good copy.

If you want to learn more about copywriting, check out the following (you should!):

Never underestimate the importance of good sales copy.



You don't need to fight by yourself. There are a lot of potential partners, which whom you can setup “win–win” situations to get more targeted traffic to your site and increase your sales.

Since this Web site is brand new, you will find typical questions asked at this point in time. The answers will be provided lateron. However, we can help!

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