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Part1: How to Increase the Likelihood of A Sale
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How to Increase the Likelihood of A Sale

Do the visitors to your Web site buy from you the first time? Most likely not, but in the following article we will show you, how you can save many sales and increase your earnings.

Studies show that on average a visitor has 7 contacts with you before he buys. There are 5 stages in the sales process — AIDAS.

If the visitor is not in “buying mode”, you simply cannot make the sale right now. Too bad that most visitors who do not buy immediately will never come back. They simply forget about your Web site and your company.

“Keep in Touch with Your Prospects
and Customers.”

Many marketers all over the world have already recognized that email is a great tool to stay in touch with your customer. As soon as you have captured the email address of a prospect, you will have many more opportunities to make a sale in the future. You have the chance of building a relationship. But do not think that email marketing is solely about sending out a periodic newsletter to your customers and prospects.

Marketers all over the world use sophisticated follow up autoresponders to increase their sales. How does an autoresponder service work? We will describe the procedure as it is offered by AWeber, the leading autoresponder & newsletter service provider. We have chosen to use AWeber for ourselves.

You should structure your follow up messages in order to maximize your sales. Let us give you an example of a working structure.

Message 1 - Big Benefits:
Keep the message short (about 500 words) and describe the biggest benefits of your product or service.
Message 2 - Establish a Need:
Explain why your product or service is necessary.
Message 3 - Tool Talk:
Describe your lead how they will actually use your product and service in some detail.
Message 4 - The Wildcard:
Depending on your market and your business you might want to convey certain ideas with your fourth message. For example:
  • Show a customer case study.
  • Describe a complimentary product.
  • Explain shipping and tracking, if you sell a physical product.
  • Invite the lead to your store. Include directions.
  • Are you personally a visible part of your brand? Include your biography.
Message 5 - Ask for questions and comments:
Your lead may be waiting to purchase until you answer one particular thing. By asking outright, you can speed the sales cycle to a close.
Message 6 - Testimonials:
Choose several of your best testimonials, and list them here.
Message 7 - Last Chance:
Briefly reiterate the most impressive features of your product and service and throw in a few testimonials.

Since your messages are fully automated you set it up once and forget it. We could continue writing about the benefits and features of using AWeber, like

Probably the best way of showing you the vast benefits of AWeber is to give you a free test drive. Sign up now below.

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