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Forest Fire on Tenerife, July 30th 2007

Today we hit the road to check out the damage from the large forest fires last week. The damage is much bigger than we have thought, and there was still some fire at the west end of the island, in the Teno Mountains, today. The helicopters were flying all day to extinguish the last glowing fire. You could smell “the fire”, while driving through or close to the burned land.

The road to Masca, the former hidden pirate base of the 17th Century, was still closed today. As you can see on one of the videos in my playlist below, Masca was been hit very hard by the fire.

Even though the fire broke out in our neighbourhood in Los Realejos, the wind pushed it westward. We did not see all the smoke and fire from here at all. Ela mentioned that she saw some, when she was at the beach. But that was it. Luckily we have been safe all time.

Satellite Image before the Fire

Tenerife before forest fire
©2007 Google

Satellite Image after the Fire

Tenerife before forest fire
©2007 NASA

Santiago del Teide

I have created a short video on YouTube for you! You can hear a helicopter flying in the background. They have still not finished extinguishing the fire.

©2007 John W. Furst - Some rights reserved. Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 Spain

Tenerife On Fire

Those videos are from my YouTube Playlist Tenerife on Fire 2007.

John W. Furst
Los Realejos, S/C Tenerife


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